Ayenda is the fastest-growing hotel chain for the budget segment in LatAm 🚀 We’re a 100% technology-based company, we offer a fantastic working atmosphere and big daily challenges. You’ll learn as much as you want!

<aside> 💡 Please read carefully the description of the job, the activities, and the requirements. Make sure you have not only the abilities and the experience required, but also the soft skills and the representation of our principles since both are essential to be part of our team.


Open Positions

⭐️ Principles

We were inspired by some of the world's most successful companies, like Amazon and Hopper. We refer to every person in Ayenda as a leader.

Obsess over hotels

Leaders always start with the hotels and work backward. They work hard to earn and keep their trust.

Take Ownership

Leaders are responsible for more than just their own team - they are responsible for the entire company. They create mechanisms to make sure that problems are fixed so they don't happen again.

Disagree and Commit

Leaders must respectfully challenge decisions when we disagree, even when doing so is uncomfortable or exhausting. Leaders do not give in for the sake of social cohesion. Once a decision has been made we expect everyone—including those who disagreed—to commit and help make the outcome as successful as possible.

Earn Trust

Leaders practice active listening, speaking openly and honestly, and behaving respectfully to others. They're willing to give critical feedback to themselves and others, even when it's difficult or embarrassing. Leaders compare themselves and their team's performance against the best.

Dive Deep

Leaders exhibit this principle by operating at all levels, staying immersed in the details, gathering data, auditing regularly, and being suspicious when metrics and stories don't match up. Leaders are able to analyze situations based on quantitative and qualitative data and decide accordingly.

Think Frugal

Leaders accomplish more with less. Constraints force us to be more creative, self-sufficient, and resourceful. There is no reward for having a larger headcount, more budget, or fixed expenses.

How do we work in Ayenda?

We constantly evolve as a company and we encourage people to always be their best version. We give them the freedom to create, take action, and the opportunity to be proactive and resourceful. We count on you, and we trust you. Here are some benefits we get when we work here 💯